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It was while studying Music Theory at the University of California in Santa Barbara that Crolius began writing songs. He continued his pursuit of the craft while teaching Guitar and Music Theory. In 1988 he opened, what would become, one of the largest recording and rehearsal studio facilities in the Philadelphia area. At The Music Factory, along with his partner Jeff Calhoon, he produced and recorded hundreds of local and national acts as well as personally penning, arranging and recording film, television, music library and commercial music.

He later returned to California where he produced, wrote, and arranged a weekly radio show as well as continuing to compose commercial and contemporary pop music. As President of the Santa Barbara Songwriter's Guild he worked closely with the National Academy of Songwriters and industry publishers and performers to develop National Song Contests, songwriter forums and other songwriter events.

It was while working for the Gibson Guitar Company that Crolius decided to pool together some of the areas best players and produce his latest three records. The first record simply titled CROLIUS is a compilation of adult contemporary, pop, country, swing, rock and jazz songs.

Performers include pianist Barnaby Finch, from the Lee Rittenour Band, Rob Whitlock from Fat Burger, Billy Thompson from the Neville Brothers, Dave Blackburn from the Robin Adler Band, and Jim Christen from Jimmy C. and Jumpin' Blue.

In addition to these great performers, CROLIUS was also very fortunate for the performances of John Rekevics who's Sax work has added color to the musical palette of artists such as Natalie Cole, Johnny Mathis, Lou Rawls, Glen Campbell, Mel Torme, The Temptations, The Fifth Dimension, Burt Bacharach, Big Mountain, and the San Diego Symphony. His television and movie credits include; The Young and the Restless, The Usual Suspects, A Minor Miracle, Killer Tomatoes 2, Killer Tomatoes 3, Goodbye Lover, Early Bird Special and Gentleman B, as well as hundreds of Jingles and logos such as Budweiser, Michelob, Suzuki, NBC, ABC, and CBS. John also teaches at San Diego State University and composes music which has been used for syndicated television shows on the A&E, Disney, PBS, Learning, and Lifetime channels.
Corinne Crolius
"The Boss"