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Crafted for the enjoyment and inspiration of boys and girls of all ages, master story teller Michael Crolius captures the essence of a child's fantasies in The Adventures of Digger the Cat: The Jewel Of The River. Fact, fiction, and lessons of friendship are carefully woven into the most heart-warming adventure story of the year. Set under the golden oaks of Paradise Valley, eleven year old Carrie McGinnity unveils a hidden world she'd thought she could only imagine.

Watch your child's face light up with wonder as each chapter unfolds with a new and delightful adventure.

While walking along a quiet stream near her cabin, Carrie and Digger the Cat discover the strange, but powerful, "Magic Fish" who speaks to Carrie and asks her to find the lost Jewel of the River. To help her on her quest, the Magic Fish grants Carrie the ability to speak to all of the animals of the forest. Together with Digger the Cat and Robby the Raccoon, they touch the lives of all the animals in Paradise Valley -- and learn the true meaning of friendship. Along the way they meet many animals of the forest, including Wally the Weasel, Bobby the Bear, Debbie & Doreen Deer, and Henry the Hawk. With the help of their new friends they are able to overcome the evil Tanya and the Boars, and re-kindle the friendship among the animals that had slipped away since the Jewel of the River had been stolen.

With inspiring drama, the author takes you and your children on an adventure into the true meaning of life, lessons of friendship that they can easily understand at any age. Once they start reading or listening to "Digger", the visual impact of the characters becomes so real they literally jump off the pages! After the adventure has begun, it is almost impossible for them to put down The Jewel of the River! Nothing prepares them for the tales that will lead them through beautiful whispering oak trees, down torrid rushing rivers, through secret caves, and across tenuous rope bridges. From the first page to the last, brilliantly crafted intrigue will be their constant companion.

As you and your children listen to the CD Version, the characters from Paradise Valley will come alive to tell the story of The Jewel of the River. This tale of friendship, fantasy and adventure unfolds for you and your family, replete with music, sound effects and 19 different characters and voices. Friendship IS the Jewel of the River! Be a friend to your children and order yours today!

"Digger" is most appropriate for kids from four to teens, but is also thoroughly enjoyed by adults who can remember when their own imaginations took them on endless wondrous adventures! YOU are sure to enjoy reading the book to them as much as they will enjoy listening to it. You will be rewarded time and again by the smiles on their faces as they travel along with Digger and his fanciful forest friends.
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